No 249       November 21


Have you ever stopped to think,

Although it’s not what we wanted,

This pandemic’s been sent to us,

To stop us taking things for granted.


Most of us have a good life,

Holidays abroad, perhaps a cruise,

A weekend away to get some sun,

We never did refuse.


Now I think we’ll feel a change,

The small things in life appreciate,

Like a cuddle with grandchildren,

A trip out you can take.


I think we’ll find we’re stronger,

After what we’ve just come through,

We’ll find time to ring our loved ones,

And they’ll come and visit you.


These small things are a bonus,

That we’ve had to do without,

We’ll appreciate our freedom,

Of that there is no doubt.


I know we haven’t got there yet,

But it is getting nearer,

So appreciate the small things,

Little things will seem much dearer.