No 25   April 11


            Happy Easter Everyone,

            I think we’re doing great,

            And without those chocolate Easter eggs,           

            I just might lose some weight.


            And today’s poem


            At the start of lockdown,

            Do you remember I did mention,

            I’ll send a poem through daily,

            That was my intention.


            I still have not changed my mind,

            As it goes on and on,

            But now I’ve got a name for it,

            My “Poetic Marathon”,


            Don’t be too optimistic,

            That this killer will soon be gone,

            Well, we all thought this at first,

            I think that we were wrong.


            We’ll all have to do our best,

            If we are to get through it,

            But I have faith in everyone,

            And know that we can do it,


            About this poem for every day,

            I know that part is sound,

            But my age is creeping up on me,    

            I hope I’m still around.


            I’m really going for it,

            A bonus there might be,

            “The Guinness Book of Records”,

            May have a place for me.     LOL