No 250     November 22


Another milestone’s here today,

250 poems sent by me,

When I started this journey,

2 weeks I thought it would be.


But I am glad we’ve done it,

I say we ‘cause as you know,

Without the help of “Fingers”,

These poems would never go.


I don’t know why we’re celebrating,

250 poems we’ve had,

Our lives have been in turmoil,

About this we can’t be glad


But we’re glad because we’ve kept in touch,

And know we will get through,

I’ll send the poems until it’s done,

Let’s hope it’s just a few.


I think they’ve done a lot of good,

A little something every day,

Hopefully a little smile,

To help you face the day.


We’re all missing all our friends,

But the poems keep you in touch,

When we read the comments,

We know they’re not in Covid’s clutch.


So I’m hoping very soon,

Surplus to requirements I will be,

It will mean I’m flying off somewhere,

Can you manage without me.


Of course, you can get back your life,

Your dancing, family and friends,

Forget about the year we’ve had,

We’ll all soon make amends.