No 251       November 23


When the Second World War started,

I was only three,

Because of being so young,

It didnít bother me.


Of course we had the rationing,

Quarter of sweets a week we got,

The men were taken away from us,

Some came back, others did not.


But this damn thing weíre dealing with,

Itís unknown and unseen,

Itís a war we are fighting,

The strangest one thereís been.


How can you fight something,

That you canít even see,

Itís taken many lives from us,

And more Iím sure thereíll be.


As I have said many times,

It will go down as the Silent War,

We need to get this vaccine,

Before we lose any more.


The soldiers were given weapons,

To help them fight the war,

Weíve just been told to stay in,

Wear a mask and our hands wash more.


As yet this hasnít worked for us,

Iím so pleased weíve kept in touch,

Itís time this thing was over,

I miss you all so much.


The things we will remember,

Are the little poems from me,

And Celiaís Bubble, fit to burst.

ĎCause thatís where you want to be.