No 253     November 25


When I started line dancing,

The floors were overflowing,

Now it takes the teachers,

All their time to keep them going.


When people ask me my hobby,

And I tell them line dancing,

They always say “Oh ye Ha”

I have trouble answering.


Line dancing is good exercise,

And concentration you require,

The Ye ha’s who think it’s easy,

Would sit down and retire.


We now do it to pop music,

This should draw the young ones in,

If they would just give it a chance,

I think they’d soon be keen.


You will make a lot of friends,

You can go there on your own,

You’ll soon be part of the family,

No need to be alone.


So when we get back dancing,

And see our friends, of which there’s many,

It could be a disaster,

‘cause we won’t remember any.