No 255     November 27


Many many years ago,

We went to Disney France,

We’d gone to a dance weekend

’cause we could all line dance,


There was a lot of dancers there,

So they had laid out a floor,

I should pay more attention,

And learn to listen more.


All dressed up in my glad rags,

And sitting on the front row,

They started playing music,

It was a dance I didn’t know.


Then suddenly I realised,

This dance I didn’t want to miss,

It’s one of my favourites,

This I just can’t miss.


Well miss is what I did do,

I tripped and started falling,

I tried hard to stop myself,

But then I started sprawling.


I slid right across the dance floor,

How fast I couldn’t say,

I just ploughed down everyone,

Who got into my way.


I ended up in the middle of the floor,

I was just in such a heap,

I wanted the floor to open up,

So I could sit and weep.


They took me to the table,

And there they made me sit,

Suddenly I’m surrounded by firemen,

That was the best bit.


They wanted to take me to hospital,

To see I was alright,

I said Oh please don’t bother,

I’ll dance again tonight.


I was so embarrassed,

I asked Geoff “who saw the fall”,

His answer did upset me,

When he said “I think them all”,


I thought perhaps some didn’t see me,

I tried to keep out of sight,

But as soon as someone saw me,

They’d say “Are you alright”,


So of course that’s me,

Centre of attention,

But this time it was different,

I was the centre of distraction.


Having been there and seen it that last line should really be destruction.