No 256     November 28


When they’re talking springtime,

It seems the longest time we’ve known,

But when you look back to last March,

It does seem to have flown.


Things are looking bad just now,

With Christmas on the way,

But with the vaccine getting near,

We’re looking for that special day.


When this nightmare is all over,

Just memories it will be,

We’ll tell our little ones about it,

The times when we weren’t free.


We survived all the things closed down,

Wore masks and stayed indoors,

I think when this is over,

We deserve a round of applause.


We’ll have done it and we’re stronger,

The key workers gave their time,

We had so many heroes,

When that mountain we did climb.


Think of all you’ve had to do,

Give yourself a pat on the back,

And I am waiting for the day,

When you give me the sack.