No 258     November 30


This is for you Jean


When you were talking just to us,

You asked me a question,

Could I write a poem if asked,

For any thing you mention.


Well I probably shouldn’t have said this,

But of course I said yes,

But then of course I bet you knew,

You didn’t need to guess.


So this poem is about you,

Things I’ve learned about you Jean,

You are so dedicated,

Though so poorly you have been.


When we come to your classes,

A good standard we will reach,

You even always welcome us,

In the middle of a teach.


Now that we don’t have a class,

At the caravan we’ll be,

We might have to start from scratch,

At your class we’re going to be.


Your health has been a problem,

But through this pandemic you’ve been there,

Talking to everyone you know,

To show them how you care.


You’ve got so many classes,

When things are as they should be,

I can’t see that you’ve any time,

When an hour, you’ll have free.


You called us in to do these shows,

We’re just so overwhelmed,

So this is just a thank you Jean,

For being such a friend.