No 259     December 01


Can we, canít we, can we,

Have our families Christmas Day,

Or do we think after all weíve done,

Itís best they stay away.


If these two days undo it all,

What good will it have done,

Weíve put up with so much so far,

To get this battle won.


Letís not undo the good weíve done,

Just to stuff ourselves with food,

And try to get our lives back,

And continue to be good.


Just keep within your bubble,

Thatís Borisís not mine,

Boris has a limit,

I add on all the time.


But my bubbles just adding friends,

Itís helped us on our way,

Iím so glad I sent a poem to you,

Theyíre still coming every day.


You may not all agree with me,

And donít know what to do,

It depends upon your circumstances,

Itís different for a few.


We donít want you to be on your own,

This would upset us all,

Iím sure youíve all got somebody,

At this time you can just call.


The ďCelia BubbleĒ,

Is something that has grown,

Probably itís the best thing yet,

To know youíre not alone.