No 26   April 12


            Since we’ve been in isolation,

            I thought it would be fine,

            To tell you all this morning,

            How we use up all our time.


            We both get up real early,

            In bed we cannot lie,

            We just can’t get back off to sleep,

            No matter how we try.


            We used to have a coffee,

            Then set off into town,

            But now we’re going nowhere,

            Since we’ve been on lockdown,


            We always keep on top of things,

            And do our jobs each day,

            But things are now so quiet,

            No one will come our way,


            Then my writing pad comes out,

            I’ll start my daily task,

            I’m sure you all know what I mean,

            You don’t even have to ask.


            There’s bits of paper,all screwed up,

            Landing in the bin,

            I’m not having any luck today,

            I can’t even begin.


            The pad is always with me,

            The thoughts are in my head,

            I have to take it with me,

            When I go to bed.


            You wouldn’t think I loved this job,

            I’m enjoying every minute,

            Then Geoff types up “The Masterpiece”,

            So you can all enjoy it.