No 260     December 02


I’ve just read yesterday’s comments,

You all agreed with me,

If everyone obeyed the rules,

In a better place we’d be.


If all the people in my bubble,

Were allowed here Christmas Day,

I think I’d have to forget lunch,

And possibly hide away,


But I’m sure that all my bubbles,

And the friends that we all know,

Won’t spend Christmas all alone,

They’ll have somewhere to go.


So let’s get Christmas over,

And back in our routine,

And hopefully it wont be long,

‘til we have the vaccine.


You won’t be reading poetry

You’ll be dancing in the street,

I’m sure it will be mayhem,

Literally meet and greet.


You now can have a big hug,

And even have a kiss,

Throw your mask into the dustbin,

Such a relief to not need this.