No 261     December 03


Some of you have heard us,

We were on Jeanís chat show,

It made us feel so special,

Our conversation seemed to flow.


Itís not just about poetry,

Or the things that I have done,

Itís what I get up to in the kitchen,

When I switch my oven on.


Iím giving away all my recipes,

Theyíre on line for all to see,

Youíll all be in your kitchens,

When at Shelf you ought to be.


But then of course you come to dance,

And meet up with your friends,

But when you get up to the floor,

What you remember, that depends.


They say it will come back to you,

Like riding a bike, youíll remember the dance,

Well, Geoff could never ride a bike,

So he hasnít got a chance.


So up at Shelf youíre on your own,

Someone good youíll have to follow,

And think what this pandemics done,

The results are hard to swallow.


So when you feel exhausted,

And the weight, take off your feet,

Itís back to Celiaís baking,

Just give yourselves a treat.