No 262       December 04


At my age Iíve got no time,

Just to mess about,

So come on Boris hurry up,

And help us to get out.


Weíve done everything we could,

But the illness we did get,

I bet some of those who didnít care,

Havenít had it yet.


I know they say weíre vulnerable,

Just because weíre old,

But vulnerable can listen,

And do what they are told.


When we listen to TV,

And see how things are going,

Itís not the hospitals that should be full,

The prisons should be overflowing.


Anyone who ignores the rules,

Should be made to pay,

Donít listen to their excuses,

Or what theyíve got to say.


They soon will learn that rules are rules,

The hard way they will learn,

Itís back to the old saying,

Play with fire youíll get burnt.


I realise all the jails are full,

So if people wonít do what we ask,

Let them do community work,

And make them wear a mask.