No 263       December 05


Today it is report time,

We’re going to look back,

I worked for seven days a week,

And couldn’t get the sack.


Fingers typed a poem each day,

And never got a penny,

He always had them out on time,

Even though there’s been so many.


But just look what we’ve achieved,

And we must mention “The Bubble”,

It’s getting us through this bad time,

Without it we’d be in trouble.


But friends from all around the world,

Have supported our little venture,

It’s got Geoff and me through this rotten time,

It’s been like an adventure.


The likes and comments that you send each day,

Give us another thing to do,

It brings us joy and pleasure,

To hear from all of you.


So once again we thank you,

For supporting us all through,

You’ve heard all about my life,

And we’ve made new friends too.


We’ve managed to get through this,

Many times been at a loss,

The weeks have seemed to fly by,

Though we didn’t know what day it was.


Don’t worry, we’re not losing it,

Everybody’s been the same,

It’s only getting serious,

When you forget your name.