No 264       December 06


Yesterday I mentioned,

That sometimes we forget the day,

Well someone in Keighley,

Has really lost the way.


Last night we had fireworks,

They banged away all night,

I think they thought itís November 5th,

The month they canít right.                  


Have you noticed how theyíve told us,

The shops that we donít need,

They obviously didnít ask me,

A liberty indeed.


Itís funny how Iíve managed,

With only shops for food,

I think the smile will leave Geoffís face,

When they open up for good,


Youíd think that after all these months,

Iíd be happy to go out,

And Iíd have learned my lesson,

So I could do without.


Well you all must be joking,

Iíll still be visiting the shops,

Although I donít really need them,

Iím sure to get new tops.