No 265       December 07


We’re now into December,

So long in Covid’s clutch,

We’re making the best of what we’ve got,

We have all missed so much.


We’ve missed our family & friends,

Some may have babies they’ve not seen,

I’d say 2020’s been a washout,

Frustrated we’ve all been.


I know I often mention,

Being born during the last war,

But there are things I remember,

I don’t think I’ve said before.


Even though things were bad,

Everyone pulled together,

We all wanted our loved ones back.

And be at peace forever.


But the thing that does stand out to me,

Of that there is no doubt,

We all helped each other,

So no-one went without.


We used to help our neighbours.

And share the rations we were given,

Because we have to keep to ourselves.

Of feeling selfish we’re forgiven.


The women all did men’s jobs,

Knitted for the soldiers too,

We’re all bored out of our heads,

And don’t know what to do.


So please don’t think I want a war,

It went on for seven year.

I think the poems will have all dried up,

Even if I am still here.