No 266       December 08


Yesterday I went to Morrisonís,

Of course I wore my mask,

A fellow said hello to me,

His name I dare not ask.


We talked about the virus,

The weather we touched on too,

He obviously knew me,

But I hadnít got a clue.


Geoff had disappeared somewhere,

I needed him right now,              

Was this man a bowler,

Geoff might not know him anyhow.


The masks make you look different,

But I thought if we talked a bit,

His name might come back to me,

My brain box it might hit.


He said it was nice to see me,

And of course, I said the same,

Geoff came back & said whoís that,

I said I donít even know his name.


Things like that annoy you,

But something comes back as a rule,

I think he had a good memory,

We must have met at school.