No 267       December 09


To hear the vaccines on itís way.

We could really get excited.

To think things are looking up,

And we may be united.


But being over 80,

I may be due a sample.

Then you will know how Iíve gone on,

And use me as an example.


Well youíve sampled all my poetry,

And my baking you are trying,

I might as well be a guinea pig,

For this vaccine theyíre supplying


At last weíve got some good news,

Christmas it may help along,

Without the usual festivities,

Everything seems wrong.


So when we get a new year,

And no poems come every day,

The vaccine will have worked for me,

And Iíll have flown away.


I donít want you to get confused,

When I say Iíve flown away,

I donít mean up to heaven,

Itís Marco, Hip Hip Hip Hooray.