No 268       December 10


Next Tuesday Iíve been called upon,

To have my Covid jab,

I just hope they did a good job,

When they released it from the lab.


Youíre booked in to the minute,

Youíll miss it if youíre late,

Iíve to have another in three weeks,

For that Iíve got a date.


The first time they have given me,

To be there at 12.36,

The next is January 5th at 12.17,

When I get the final fix.


Way back in March Geoff said to me,

We must leave the caravan,

Weíre in a lockdown for a week or two,

And Marcoís down the pan.


Because I was ďVulnerableĒ,

I had to stay inside,

A week before anyone else,

Getting old I canít abide.


But the alternative is no good,

So nothing else Iím going to say,

Iíll just keep in touch with you,

And send a poem each day.