No 269       December 11


Hi, all my bubbles out there,

Not long to Christmas now,

I know it will be different,

But weíll get by somehow,


For once letís not go overboard,

Buy in things that we donít need.

The food we usually get through,

You could put down to greed.


We eat Ďtil weíre uncomfortable,

Just want to lay and sleep,

We didnít have to eat all that,

Weíve fridges, it will keep.


If we donít eat for England,

And finish off all the mince pies,

When we go shopping in the Sales,

We wonít need a bigger size.


So whatever Boris throws at us,

We can turn everything about,

Then if itís over by the Springtime,

Itís not just the flowers that will be out.