No 27   April 13


            I feel like Iíve been out today,                 

            On a shopping spree,

            Iíve been to sort my wardrobes out,

            The things that I did see,


            I didnít really want to go,

            But now I am quite glad,

            I found things hidden in there,

            I didnít know I had,


            If I really told the truth,

            I wasnít always sure,

            If the thing that I was holding,

            Iíd ever seen before.


            Iíve lots of different sizes,

            Ďcause my weight I canít keep steady,

            The bedroom looks like a jumble sale,

            When I am getting ready.


            At one time they all fitted me,

            And thatís what makes me mad,

            I suppose it doesnít help the cause,

            The stew and dumplings I just had.


            Some did actually fit me,

            Now I am ďfit to dropĒ,

            So when they let us out of here,

            Thereís some bags for the charity shop.