No 270       December 12


Last year in Christmas week,

We went to a party every night,

It really was quite manic,

Sleep and weight we had to fight.


We met up with all our friends,

Christmas cards we all exchanged,

Because of this pandemic,

Everything is rearranged.


Iíve only made 12 Christmas cakes,

I love doing them, itís fine,

I take them to the parties,

Everybody knows theyíre mine,


Thereís cakes for all the parties,

And I give a lot away,

I also make up hampers,

For the Bingo that we play.


This covidís a lot to answer for,

The parties have all gone,

Even Christmas dinner,

The guest listís really none.


Remember itís just two days,

Act like itís never been,

Look forward to your life again,

Wearing masks and stopping in.


This has got to change real soon,

Borisís bubble needs a rest,

But Celiaís bubble will go on,

Remember weíre the best.