No 271       December 13


Iíve told you my childhood was idyllic,

Nothing could come near,

Even though we were at war,

We had a holiday every year.


Although we may have been at war,

We didnít have lockdowns then,

One year we went to Torquay,

Couldnít wait to go again.


Iíve told you dad was very tall,

And he always wore a hat,

It was called a trilby,

Some wonít remember that.


My mum and I just loved fairgrounds,

My dad didnít want to know,

My mum said our Celiaís only very young,

And I think she should go.


The truth is my mother loved them,

The rides,the darts, even catching a duck,

We soon got rid of father,

He didnít know where to look.


We always had a good time,

We just looked for ďthe hatĒ,

Then went in the other direction,

My dad didnít realise that.


He thought that he had lost us,

But we knew where he was,

Mum and I enjoyed ourselves,

Not sorry for his loss.