No 272       December 14


Today were writing Christmas Cards,

This year it will feel wrong,

Its usually been quite a task,

With a card for everyone.


When weve been to parties,

So many people about,

All going to different tables,

Christmas Cards they were giving out.


Well this year will be different,

Our walls will be quite bare,

Weve usually Christmas Cards downstairs,

And Birthday Cards upstairs.


If you have to post some cards,

Be a little wise,

Remember that the price goes up,

If you get a bigger size.


We put in all the cards,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

The Merry bit could be a drink,

And a New Year we would cheer.


My Birthday is on Saturday,

The 19th as you know,

Its going to be different,

Were on Jeans chat show.


Well be on Move Radio,

Me and of course my staff,

Im sure you would enjoy it,

Were bound to make you laugh.