No 273       December 15


One year we went to Nashville,

For Country music we did go,

It’s when we started line dancing,

It’s changed now as you know.


We found a place for dancing,

Denim & Diamonds it was called,

It was split into four sections,

What they were I can’t recall.


Of course we had a hired car,

And it was quite a drive,

The queue was quite a long one,

When at last we did arrive.


When we got to the front,

The chap said “Your ID please”,

We said we’re from England,

He said, your passport then for ease,


The passports were back at the hotel,

So we set off on our way,

But it was dark and we got lost,

At the hotel I wanted to stay.


I said to Geoff the only way,

Is to have a taxi now,

It frightened me when we got lost,

Geoff said we’ll get back somehow.


He thought I’d knocked his driving,

But in the dark on the strange roads,

It frightened me, the dark, no lights,

And the right side of the road.


I don’t think he was best pleased,

But the man upon the door,

Said oh you’ve made it back pal,

Come in free, you tried before.


When we got in there,

My rating went sky high,

There was a free promotion on,

Drinks you didn’t have to buy.


So we had a really good night,

All our drinks were free,

Not even a charge to get in,

And it was all down to me.