No 274       December 16


I have now had my injection,

It went just like a breeze,

They ask you a few questions.

Have you a cold or sneeze.


The place was really busy,

In fact Iíd say it was manic.

It made you think of all weíve lost,

Because of this pandemic.


Some have lost a loved one,

Weíve all been housebound,

400 people were booked in here,

For a solution they hope weíve found.


In a way it was depressing,

All these old people gathered there,

Most had wheelchairs or zimmers,

And nearly all needed care.


I know that I am getting on,

And please donít get me wrong,

When I say my thoughts today,

Were in this place I donít belong.


Iíve got a lot of problems,

But even though I am not fit,

I still can do a good days work,

And always do my bit.


Thereís not much to tell you,

If more info you wish to seek,

Iíll tell you how it affected me,

But youíll have to wait 3 week.