No 275       December 17


Normally at this time,

I’m planning Christmas Eve,

This time will be different,

All my guests I can’t receive.


Last year, what a night we had,

The house was really full,

We had over thirty came to visit,

I can tell you it wasn’t dull.


Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren,

All turned out in force,

They’re really disappointed,

And I could not feel worse.


I think we’ll just have our bubble,

Thank goodness two little ones are involved,

When this is all over,

We’ll throw a party so this will all be solved.


I think that it will hurt me more,

Their little faces I love to see,

I don’t know who benefits more,

The children or me.


I know it is a lot of work,

My family tell me to stop,

I think for that to happen,

I’d really have to drop.


So an Easter party it may be,

When we gather once again,

But Christmas Eve will still be there,

That should definitely remain.