No 277       December 19


Today it is my birthday,

No friends Iím going to see,

It really has upset me,

A party at Shelf it should be.


But by now you know me better,

You know I wonít miss out,

Thereís no way I wonít have a party,

Iím not going to go without.


I think Iíll be just like the Queen,

She always has two,

When we are free around June time,

Iíll have a proper do.


Iíve had a lot of birthdays,

Some good and some quite bad,

But this year with the lockdown,

Itís made me blooming mad.


My birthdays now are limited,

Of that I am aware,

But I love to have a Party,

And have everybody there.


So when it getís around June,

No ice, no fog, no snow,

As long as we have freedom,

You know just where to go.