No 282       December 24


Christmas dinner will be quiet,

Of that there is no doubt,

When you look at old films,

There’s things they could not do without.


Like people who were very rich,

Sitting at a 10 foot long table,

Because they were so far apart,

To share sprouts they were unable.


So of course they needed their waiter,

Well if they lived just now,

They’d put something in the microwave,

And they’d get by somehow.


Although I love my cooking,

I must say while we’ve been stuck in,

We’ve had a few microwavables,

But I’ll get cracking for Christmas “Din”,


So this year maybe only 2 of you !,

The crackers weren’t much money,

Just pull them both, put the hat on,

And pretend the joke was funny.


There’s one thing that will be different,

When you’ve only one plate each,

The washing up will soon be done,

Sit down for the Queen’s Speech.


It’s the magic of children that we miss,

And although we’re tired out,

It’s the little ones that believe in Santa,

That we can’t do without.