No 284       December 25


For more years than I care to remember,

Iíve been Mother Claus each year,

It always brought me pleasure,

Christmas morning was so dear.


But this year Iím still Mother Claus,

And a Christmas wish I send,

To all my little bubbles

Some I know on me depend.


You depend on me to keep in touch,

It may be the worst one ever,

But let these little poems each day,

Keep us all together.


There may be only two of you,

But your together in your own home,

Just think about other people,

Who may be just alone.


Or perhaps theyíre in a nursing home.

No family by their side,

Loneliness is so sad,

To imagine it I canít abide.


So be thankful for the things youíve got,

Be positive and enjoy the time,

Weíll celebrate weíre together,

I know Iíll enjoy mine.