No 285       December 26


Although this year has been so bad,

I’m sure it’s helped us see,

All the things we took for granted,

Now such pleasure they will be.


We’ve had to go round in a mask,

And follow footsteps on the floor,

And sometimes when it got real bad,

We couldn’t go out of the door.


We could not go and meet our friends,

Just stay in a little bubble,

Sometimes the rules confused us,

We tried not to get in trouble.


There’s no telling when this will end,

We’re still losing people every day,

No-one seems to know the answer,

All we can do is pray.


Some people may not “get it”,

But I can assure you, you’re very ill,

That’s why so many we have lost,

This Covid’s out to kill.


So please try to be sensible,

Try to put the rules in place,

Remember this is universal,

And affecting the whole human race.