No 286       December 27


Christmas should be parties,

Just one big eatathon,

We’re glad when it’s all over,

And all the chocolates gone.


We stuff ourselves with so much food,

There really is no need,

What we eat at Christmas,

The world’s starving it would feed.


This year may be different,

It’s been a dreadful time,

But someone’s kept you going,

With just a little rhyme.


So line dancing is the answer,

The calories it will burn,

You haven’t been for ages,

You think that you’ll return.


The pounds have started to come off,

Your shape is coming back,

As long as you keep dancing,

You’ll stay on the right track.


So all is going smashing,

You’re so pleased with the outcome,

Then all this work goes up in smoke,

Celia puts a supper on.