No 287       December 28


I must have been 9 or 10,

When we had a summer day,

My friend and I decided,

In our swimming costumes we would play.


My dad had a lot of land,

On it 200 hens we had,

You could let your children play out then,

Never thought of things that were bad,


We decided we would walk on a wall,

Not a really good planí

We were both doing well,

Ďtil a wobble just began.


I knew that I was falling,

Could not stop but I did try,

As I fell into nettles,

They were at least 3 feet high.


My mother heard me screaming,

And came to rescue me,

She also got stung very bad,

In a mess I was going to be.


She covered me with Calamine,

I looked just like a ghost,

I was in such agony,

Didnít know where I hurt most.


That was then and this is now,

No walking on a wall,

My back has just had it,

I can hardly walk at all.