No 291       January 01


As we live on three floors,

And I have a fetish for lamps,

It is very obvious,

We need loads of amps.


So it’s quite a big job,

Keeping all my lamps aglow,

We have more bulbs in our house,

Than you could ever know.


We needed one in a chandelier,

Over a table it sat,

Geoff suddenly decided,

Oh I’ll just change that.


He was standing on a chair,

But the bulb would not come out,

So up on the table he thought he’d get,

The worst decision without a doubt.


It was against my better judgement,

I said not a good idea,

He came crashing off the table,

Landing on his back after hitting the chair.


As he lay there looking ashen,

I was nearly in tears,

Having to go to hospital,

Was one of my greatest fears.


But he turned over slowly,

And got up in a lot of pain,

I didn’t really say this,

But I should have said “You won’t do that again”,


After 2 days of being in pain,

And not feeling very well,

We managed to see an osteopath,

Didn’t expect what he had to tell.


He has fractured one of his ribs,

So rest and warmth for 2 weeks,

And then it could be 3 – 6,

Before the vacuum I let him seek,


So here we are, two cripples,

I’m Florence Nightingale again,

I won’t let him do much,

But he’ll type, even through his pain.


It would hurt him more not to do that,

He loves my poems to send,

And I love writing them,

So we’re both happy in the end.