No 293       January 03


Weve always been a bowling family,

My husband loved the game,

I started playing,

And soon I felt the same.


When I first came across Geoff,

He would only be very young,

I think about 17 or 18,

So Ive known him for so long.


We all used to go on bowling holidays,

Even Las Vegas we have been,

He saw my children all grow up,

He was always on the scene.


He came to all the weddings,

And the christenings he would share,

We had a big party Christmas Eve,

And Geoff was always there.


When I was left all alone,

The pain was hard to bear,

But if I needed anything,

Geoff was always there.


So after three years on my own,

Geoff said, My ring will you please wear,

Well you all know the answer,

Geoff is always there.