No 294       January 04


Our friend Margaret put a list on facebook,

Some of the things we’ve done this year,

I put a message back to her,

There must be a poem in there.


Although we went into a bank,

Wearing a mask and looking funny,

They said “Good morning, how are you.

And handed over the money.


Although she said “I wouldn’t touch you with a 6 foot barge pole,

To do the social distancing we must behave,

I think when things get to normal again,

There’ll be no hugs, just a wave


As for washing your hands a lot,

Which we already knew,

They don’t mention the rest of you,

They must think just your hands will do.


We’ve now to open windows,

We end up with a cold,

We go to be tested,

Go to bed keep warm we’re told.


We’ve all tried to do our best,

You can’t ask any more,

They may have found the answer,

Let’s hope they’ve found a cure.