No 295       January 05


Well my little bubbles,

Here we are again

If they’re going to lock us up,

I’ll have to use my brain.


I’m going to still write to you,

‘cause I’m still on a mission,

Looks like we’ll be in ‘til Feb,

Just time for another edition.


I need to find you hobbies,

I’ll work out what it takes,

I’ve got you reading poetry,

And some are baking cakes.


Things are getting really bad,

So something must be done,

If staying in is what it takes,

We’ll stay in ‘til we’ve won.


So please just try to think ahead,

Use your time as best you can,

With the way things are going,

We really need this ban.


I know you all will do your best,

You all do as you’re told,

The next time you see me,

A placard I will hold.


I need to get it through to those,

Who just don’t seem to care,

So with my placard in my hand,

They’d better just beware.


Although my walking’s pretty bad,

I’ll have to do my best,

I’d love to make the newspapers,

With a citizen’s arrest.