No 296       January 05


This lockdown is necessary,

If we want to be safe,

I donít think Boris got any pleasure,

From the speech he had to make.


His insistence we pull together,

He tried to get through,

I know that all my bubbles,

I can depend on you.


Unfortunately weíve got idiots,

Who think they need take no part,

If they would act right in their heads,

Weíd have beaten this from the start.


Itís sodís law they wonít get it,

They couldnít give a toss,

The only time it will hit home,

If they have a personal loss.


Remember that this is a war,

And for those who do not care,

Just find an empty building,

And sling them all in there.


Weíve got to take control of them,

They should listen to what we say,

Iím fed up with the indifference,

Let them learn the hard way.


This is still Celia speaking,

And some may think Iím wrong,

But this couldnít care less attitude,

Has gone on far too long