No 297       January 06


Quite a few years ago,

We went to Rachael’s 30th Birthday,

It was held at a hotel in York,

All her friends there from far away,


It was a fancy dress do,

A Rachael dance you had to be,

We did not dress up that night,

Just wanted the others to see.


There was a young woman,

Didn’t actually know her name,

She was dressed in a lovely Chinese dress,

Couldn’t understand as what she came.


But everyone was laughing,

She was getting a lot of attention,

When the parade was over,

I thought I’d have to mention.


There had been so many good ones,

A lot of thought gone in,

That’s why it did surprise me,

When the Chinese dress did win.


I went to ask somebody,

They said just come and see,

She lifted up her dress,

To show a man’s blow up willyee.


I was just in stitches,

Could not believe my eyes,

I said what have you come as,

She said “Shanghai Surprise” !