No 298       January 07


When I started these poems each day,

I did it just for fun,

A still feel to be reeling,

For all the good itís done.


I started my own bubble,

The numbers just got bigger,

The numbers each day surprise me,

Itís got into quite a figure.


Itís brought us all together,

Itís been such a long time,

So many just look forward,

To reading my little rhyme.


These lockdowns just get longer,

We need them, thatís for sure,

So Iíd better get some thinking done,

It looks like Iíll need more.


Although I have missed you all,

It has given me some pleasure,

Itís a time that Iíll remember,

And memories I will treasure.


I love to see your comments,

And sometimes get involved,

From just one little poem back then,

See what has evolved.