No 299       January 08


Iíve had my second injection now,

So weíll just wait and see,.

Does that mean I am immune,

And allowed to go free.


The trouble is Iíd be on my own,

My ďtoy boyĒ canít get one yet,

So Iím not going anywhere,

An escape I will forget.


Thereís nothing to be frightened of,

Everything has been just great,

Itís all you young and fit ones,

That will make me have to wait.


Theyíve given me a little card,

To say Iíve had it done,

I suppose Iíll need it with my passport,

So I can show everyone.


Iíve just got a new passport,

Every page is very clean,

Canít wait to get some stamps on it,

To show where I have been.


So I will not be happy,

Ďtil a poem youíll think is grand,

With a photograph from Marco,

With a Margarita in my hand.