No 30   April 16


            Sometimes when I have got inspired,

            And write a poem for you,

            I hand it over for Geoff to read,

            To see if it will do.


            I watch for his reaction,

            For a smile upon his face,

            Sometimes I even get a laugh,

            I know itís earned a place.


            Although Iím writing all these poems,

            If Geoff didnít put them on,

            Theyíd just lay here collecting dust,

            And then you would get none.


            When Geoff has put one on line,

            Weíre both interested to see,

            If you have liked the poem that day,

            And the comments you give me.


            People are worrying about their health,

            And lots are short of money,

            Then thereís me here just writing poems,

            And trying to be funny.


            If I can bring a smile to you,

            And help us keep in touch,

            I just want you all to know,

            I think of you so much.


            Until we all can meet again,

            These poems Iíll try to write,

            And letís all say a little prayer,

            That we soon will win this fight.