No 301      January 10


I know I keep referring,

To life as it was before,

I feel as if I’m there again,

Going through another war.


I know it is so different,

But harder we must try,

We’ve got to try and stop this,

Or many more will die.


In the last war they took away,

From their families, the young men,

Many were not fortunate,

They were never seen again.


The young men were sent to fight,

Just issued with a gun,

These idiots demonstrating now,

Need a brain, they haven’t one.


I know this lockdown’s awful,

But it really is a must,

To beat this silent killer,

In the experts we must trust.


Please stay in and stay safe,

We’ll meet, I don’t know when,

I know it will be quite a while,

But WE WILL meet up again.