No 302      January 11    


Many years ago,

My first husband and me,

We decided we would make some wine,

And then it would be free.


So way back then they didn’t have,

The wine making kits they have now,

So we would have to do our best,

To make this wine somehow.


We gathered elderberries,

Put them in a big earthen pot,

Then we got a slice of toast with yeast,

And floated it on the top.


We had to leave it quite a while,

I’ve forgotten just how long,

We kept checking it,

To see it didn’t go wrong.


When it was ready we bottled it,

The bottles were very assorted,

We’d gathered them for quite a while,

They were all clean and sorted.


We left them in the kitchen,

What a good job we had done,

We went out for a game of bowls,

Couldn’t wait to get back home.


I thought there’d been a massacre,

The kitchen was bright red,

The bottles had exploded,   (screwtops)

We should have used corks instead.