No 303      January 12


If I were Prime Minister,

I wouldn’t have a clue,

Could anybody out there,

Tell me what they would do.


There is one thing for certain,

You can’t please everyone,

It must be so frustrating,

When the best you think you’ve done.


This vaccine they’ve worked so hard for,

They seem to have succeeded,

To have people turn and say,

It wasn’t really needed.


Some say they will not have it,

Well that will be their loss,

When they have no ID to show,

We couldn’t give a toss.


They may need one to go on holiday,

Or to go in for a drink,

This card may start to rule our lives,

So have another think.


Well I’ve got mine, it’s got two stamps,

Soon I’ll be free to go,

Thank you all you experts,              

We’re more grateful than you know.


I’m not sure where we’ll show the card,

But they’ve issued me with one,

It will make me very happy,

When everyone’s been done.