No 304      January 13


When I was growing up,

Id the best childhood, no doubt,

I spent most of my time with my friends,

We were near home, just playing out.


One of my friends lived next door,

Id pop round every day,

Knock on the door and say to her,

Are you coming out to play.


I wasnt very far away,

And my mum could always see me,

The only time she called me in,

Was for my dinner or my tea.


Along the road was a big family,

Some of the older ones I didnt know,

One day an older girl joined in,

And thought she ran the show.


We were playing nicely,

Perhaps skipping or a race,

When suddenly she came up to me,

And swiped me across the face.


With my face all red and stinging,

Of course I ran home then,

My mum had all the answers,

Because she was the oldest of ten.


In fact she was quite angry,

But she said I know just what to do,

Well teach her a lesson,

She cant do that to you.


She said if she approaches you,

And looks like shes going to burst,

Youve got to be very quick,

And get that swipe in first.


Well, this in fact did happen,

It shocked her to the core,

She just went running home

Never bothered me no more.