No 305      January 14


Today Iím feeling rather sad,

My best friend died yesterday,

No-one could be with her,

No last goodbyes to say.


Weíve been friends for over sixty years,

She was always there for me,

I feel very let down,

I couldnít visit her to see.


She suffered with Alzheimerís,

The sadness that does bring,

Some days she could remember,

Other times she knew nothing.


She didnít die from Covid,

She had a heart attack,

Iím glad she is at peace now,

She didnít want to come back.


She lost her husband a few years ago,

Her loneliness we couldnít fix,

She didnít want to be here,

And her mind started playing tricks.


Iíd sometimes ring her on the phone,

And that upset me because,

Weíd have a conversation,

And she didnít know who I was.


She never had much illness,

And she lived to 91,

Farewell my friend Iíll miss you,

Iím so sad that you have gone.


RIP  Eunice