No 307      January 16


The snow is still quite deep outside,

For once I won’t be bothered,

I won’t worry about falling,

‘cause in the house I’m tethered.


We have bought in all we need,

Could manage a few weeks,

And of course I’m always baking,

We have to have our treats.


This year we won’t be worrying,

What the weather’s like for Shelf,

We’ll be sat here playing games,

And thinking of ourselves.


A few times I have cooked a lot,

Ready for Saturday night,

The weather’s changing all the time,

It’s off again, you’re right !


Three months on the trot this happened,

We couldn’t believe our eyes,

So we got really crafty,

And got ourselves some spies.


They’d ring in as the weather changed,

Should we call it off or not,

We’d then to start and ring around,

I think I’ve lost the plot.


Well, fog, ice or loads of snow,

If we did it just to please,

Most of you would make it,

On your hands and knees.