No 308      January 17


Good news is hard to come by,

In fact itís very rare,

Geoff told me something he had read,

At last weíre getting there.


3 people from different households,

Set off for a takeaway,

They drove from Manchester to Yorkshire,

What happened next made my day.


The police stopped them for speeding,

90 mph on the snowy M62,

They fined them all for breaking Covid rules,

And a speeding fine they got too.


The best bit is yet to come,

The car hadnít been taxed since September,

So they confiscated the car as well,

I bet from now on theyíll remember.


So all the people out there,

Who think they know it all,

The police are out to get you,

Itís a very costly fall.


I donít know how they got home,

Quite frankly couldnít care less,

It was just a stupid takeaway,

That got them in this mess.


Well done you front liners,

Bring it on and make them pay,

Make it costly for their ignorance,

The rules they must obey.