No 309      January 18


It seems like a life sentence,

The weeks weíve spent inside,

I just hope it does some good,

Ďcause most of us have tried.


I emphasise the most because,

As you are well aware,

Thereís people on cloud cuckoo land,

Who just donít seem to care,


These poems have kept us busy,

Thatís been such a good thing,

Theyíve served a dual purpose,

Some happiness did bring.


The sledging is just out for us,

So weíll just sit and look,

The scenery is beautiful,

Just like a picture book.


It makes stopping in a little easier,

We canít get out anyhow,

So come on Geoffrey help me out,

What shall we do now.


My book has not been published yet,

The first 200 poems are there,

Iím halfway to another one,

I bet thereíll be some spare.


As the weeks get longer,

And itís something I must do,

With the way things are going,

I may publish a few.